ASR believes in the partnership approach to registration by creating a “Three-Way Partnership” between our valued customers, experienced auditors and competent office staff. Each partner is vital to a successful and valuable registration. Our goal is to make the entire registration process a positive experience.A customer focused international registrar with a unique approach to registration – our business is business improvement. Our mission is to provide value added registration services that are ethical, professional and customer focused for a reasonable investment – which contributes to your success. ASR is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI serving North America. We also conduct audits internationally through our affiliates located in Türkiye, Egypt, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

ASR was established in 1997 by a team of experienced auditors, successful quality professionals, and experts in the standards/technical specifications that ASR offers. These leaders believe the true value of registration should be to:

• Enhance profitability

• Meet and exceed customer requirements

• Improve competitiveness

• Serve as a continuous improvement tool for your business

• Assist in developing and maintaining a disciplined business management system

• Provide regular reviews and feedback on your management system

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your system(s) contributing to future improvements.

Our staff and auditors view the registration process as a partnership. We are easy to talk to and encourage our customers to talk with us. There are no fees for nonconformance review or answering telephone questions. We work hard to give responses within one business day, minimize travel expenses, and accommodate our customer’s scheduling needs. Our auditors are required to find at least one opportunity for improvement from their vast experience on every audit assisting our customers with the improvement of their business practices. Our auditors are hand selected from the best in the business. ASR’s auditors are credentialed with years of experience working in varied industries combined with years of auditing background. Our auditors “think” outside the box and can apply the standard to any business, providing value to our customers.

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