World Leader in Vegan Certification

BeVeg is the world’s leading vegan certification company, which is ISO accredited and recognized by the world accreditation forum for its internationally accredited vegan standard. BeVeg is accredited under ISO 17065 as a published vegan standard for vegan conformity assessment.


BeVeg, as a law firm, exists to raise the standard for consumer transparency, requiring companies that apply to disclose all ingredients, processes and trade secrets and be subject to audits and lab tests. Since the word “vegan” is not regulated by any law, BeVeg has defined a global vegan standard to keep vegan claims honest and legally accountable. The BeVeg vegan certification program is the gold standard for global vegan certification, with worldwide trademark protection, and representation on six continents globally. The vegan compliance standards are run by a Law Firm as they have set out the highest standards to ensure the plant-based consumer has confidence and is awarded the transparency and authenticity that is currently demanded by the market.


BeVeg is a single Global vegan standard that standardizes vegan claims worldwide; a one world standard for vegan claims that is reliable, accountable, credible, and binding as recognized by world accreditation forums.

BeVeg is on a campaign to inspire the world to BE Veg! The goal is to unite the world in a movement towards a kinder, more compassionate planet. BeVeg vegan certification logo is represented in more than 6 continents. As the trusted vegan certification logo, BeVeg is excited about this joint mission to standardize a vegan definition to legitimize vegan claims worldwide. Use of the BeVeg trademark is licensed to companies and products around the world that meet the BeVeg vegan certification standard.


BeVeg has 2 global trademarks. It certifies vegan food, beverages, alcohol, vitamins, supplements, makeup, textiles, fashion, furniture, household cleaning supplies, artwork, and any other product that could otherwise have a compromised vegan integrity.


  • More global trademark protection than any other vegan logo, which is of great value to products seeking international distribution. Represented on six continents.
  • First and only accredited vegan symbol in the world by ISO 17065 AND 17067 as a Conformity Assessment Program.
  • Vegan standard owned and written by lawyers as a conformity assessment program to define vegan globally in a uniform manner.
  • Published white paper on truth in labelling laws.
  • Author of Vegan Law book published by Vegan Publishers publishing house and contributing author to vegan label law chapter for Lexington Publishers. Both texts are for global distribution.
  • Unprecedented media exposure.
  • Only vegan standard to have international accreditation, as BeVeg reviews supply chain, ensures training, ensures GFSI procedures, with trained auditors that systematically delves into risk analysis, root analysis, and gap analysis.

*For more detailed information about BeVeg, click here.

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