UTZ Certified is a program and label for sustainable agriculture worldwide.Ward and Nick have launched the UTZ Programme to provide ‘sustainable quality’ on a large scale in the World market. They opened an office in Guatemala on 1999 that has chosen name as “Utz Kapeh” in Mayan language, meaning ‘good coffee’ . They opened their headquarters in Netherlands in 2002.

The mission of UTZ Certified is to create a world where sustainable agriculture is the norm. Sustainable agriculture helps farmers, workers and their families meet their wishes and contributes to the protection of the world’s natural resources, now and in the future. The scope of the UTZ Certified: coffee, tea, cacao and nut.

Code of Conduct of UTZ Certified

The code of conduct sets out the requirements located in the heart of the UTZ programme, including better farming methods and working conditions, as well as nature and future generations with better care. This contributes to farmers produce better crops and increase their income, on the other hand while protecting the world’s natural resources for the future, it also increases their social and economic resistance.

Code of conduct including a wild range of public consultation, developed in close cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders. The code of conduct is also based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions. This ensures that the code of conduct is an internationally recognized set of criteria reflecting the latest agreements, research and expertise for sustainable farming. The code of conduct development and revision process is in the same direction with unity of global sustainability standard and ISEAL Association requirements.

The members of the producer group apply the terms of the Code of Conduct and in case of having an audit by an approved certificate authority, they can sell their products as UTZ approved and group can be registered to UTZ Certified traceability system.

For the buyers, this ensures the independent insurance to a sustainable production.

Nick Bocklandt

Having UTZ Certified enables me to prove producing my coffee in responsible way. It is not only related with money, also related with people, environment and coffee.

Ward de Groote

This is the process of coffee chain players begin to get known each other. Just transparency and traceability can cause to formation of a healthy industry.

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