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Veganism, avoid the consumption of meat, poultry, fish dairy, eggs, or other animal-derived ingredients. Avoids animal products in cosmetics, toiletries, and textile. Avoids products or companies that involve animal testing.


To have one global vegan standard that is accredited, reliable, accountable, trustworthy, credible, and legally binding, without an accredited vegan certification, vegan claims are meaningless, as they are asserted without a standard or definition to refer to.


  • To unite the world in a move towards a gentler, more compassionate planet and to help prevent and reduce animal-derived consumable products and services, to prevent animal exploitation and to minimize the possibility of any cross-contamination.
  • Inspection and on-site inspection of facilities, laboratory tests and analyses of products submitted for certification, and epidemiological analyses of surveillance data to minimize the safety and diseases that can be transmitted from animals and outbreaks affecting people.
  • Since there is no certification based solely on end product analysis and by highlighting food safety, measures to prevent cross contamination, ensuring traceability, etc. during on-site inspection and production, it aims to minimize possible recalls and protect the company economically.


  • BeVeg vegan global brand is the first and only ISO 17065 accredited vegan certification standard in the world. Only vegan standard to have international accreditation, as BeVeg reviews supply chain, ensures training, ensures GFSI procedures, with trained auditors that systematically delves into risk analysis, root analysis, and gap analysis.
  • The BeVeg vegan certification program is the gold standard for global vegan certification, with worldwide trademark protection and representation on six continents.
  • This technical standard was drafted by lawyers and industry experts and is managed by a law firm. Lawyers by nature are regulators and the BeVeg compliance counsel brings credibility, integrity, and accountability to vegan claims through international accreditation and in accordance with ISO 17065 and 17067.
  • Standard: Is internationally recognized and ISO17065 & ISO17067 benchmarked. It provides a report and certification that can be accepted by customers in place of their own audits, thus reducing time, cost, legal liability, and potential expensive recalls.
  • BeVeg vegan certification makes third-party certification in the included programs. BeVeg is accredited by National Accreditation Center (NAC). BeVeg offers a comprehensive range of vegan food safety, quality assurance and sustainability solutions to help you maintain consumer confidence and manage risk in the supply chain.


  • Senior Management Commitment
  • Codex HACCP (Equivalent)
  • Product Safety & Quality Management System
  • Management of Ingredients/Materials & Packaging
  • Specifications
  • Traceability
  • Complaint Handling
  • Recall
  • Vulnerability Threat Assessment
  • Site Product Defence Assessments
  • New Product Development
  • Allergen Control
  • Product Formula Controls
  • Storage control procedures
  • Obsolete Packaging and waste Controls
  • Site Vegan Awareness training
  • Testing & Laboratory Analysis


The typical duration of an a BeVeg audit is 1 day (8-9 hours/day) at the site. The expected time required to complete all the audit requirements while at the site to ensure consistency, is based on:

  • The number of employees
  • The size of the manufacturing facility, including storage facilities on site.
  • The number of HACCP studies included within the BeVeg approved products and ingredients in the audit scope. A HACCP study corresponds to family of products with similar hazard and similar production technology for the purpose of time spent on site.
  • If site is vegan dedicated, this will reduce necessary audit time. However, for example, purchase records, purchase control policy and site assessment of ingredients handled on site still needed to be validated for vegan claim integrity.


The BeVeg standard has been featured in Forbes, VegNews, VegWorld Magazine, Live Kindly, CBS, NBC, Vegetarisimo Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisory, VegFests, the Amazon Prime vegan cooking show New Day New Chef, Roku, Jane Unchained News Network for the Voiceless, and many other global news media outlets.

*For more detailed information about BeVeg, click here.

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