Organic Farming

Organic Farming

What is Organic Agriculture? Organic agriculture is a production method that aims to protect vital resources such as air and water and natural life by preserving the natural balance, without harming human health and the environment, and without using chemical inputs in production, controlled and certified at every stage from production to consumption.


Benefits of Organic Agriculture;

  • The lost balance is restored.
  • Controlled, certified and harmless to human health products are produced.
  • Soil fertility increases.
  • Environment, plant, animal and human health are protected without polluting the soil, water resources and air.
  • Product quality increases.


Why Organic Farming?

  • To protect future generations,
  • To be protected from the negative effects of chemicals on humans, the environment and animals,
  • To ensure soil fertility for a long time naturally, taking into account ecological conditions,
  • To protect the quantity and quality of water,
  • To use renewable energy sources and to save energy,
  • To protect the health of people working in producer and agricultural enterprises,
  • Supporting the economy,
  • To obtain products that are healthy and of high nutritional quality.


TR Organic

In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Agriculture Law No. 5262 and the Regulation on the Principles and Implementation of Organic Agriculture by the T.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, with the decision of the Organic Agriculture Committee dated 01.08.2019 and numbered 69500404-050.06-E.2327400 and the code TR-OT-52; We are the Control and Certification Organization authorized within the scope of Organic Plant Production, Processing, Packaging, Labeling, Storage, Transport and Marketing of Organic Products.


USB is also a certification body accredited by TÜRKAK (AB-0034-U) according to the “General Conditions Standard for Certification Bodies Carrying Out TS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Product Certification”.


Logo of Turkish Organic Agriculture Regulations

EU Organic

As USB Certification, we work as the Türkiye Representative of Q-Check for the scope of EU Organic Agriculture.

Producers certified by Q-Check for EU Organic Agriculture Certificate; They will have the EU Organic Agriculture certificate, which is reliable, recognized and formed as a result of quality audits.

USB Certification provides accredited Organic Agriculture certification services in accordance with the regulations of the European Council and Commission (EC) 834/2007, (EC) 889/2008 and (EC) No 1235/2008 on behalf of Q-CHECK with its expert team of auditors.


Who is Q-Check?

Q-Check is an independent, accredited Control and Certification body that provides assessment, inspection and certification services for systems and products according to certain International and European standards, programs and protocols. It is also affiliated with ACERTA and WCS (World Certification Services). Headquartered in Greece, Q-Check Certification is one of the officially recognized and approved private Control and Certification Bodies, providing reliable service in Organic Agriculture Certification.

Services Provided

  • EU Organic Agriculture Certificate
  • GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate
  • GRASP Certificate


Why Q-Check ?

  • Value-added services provided by experienced, well-trained and skilled auditors and technical experts
  • Impartial, reliable and effective certification and audit services
  • Sincere and professional approach from the first application date to the application, evaluation and final registration
  • Affordable pricing procedure for businesses of all sizes
  • International recognition

* USB Certification provides such services on behalf of Q-CHECK with its expert team of auditors.

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