2nd Party Audits

Easy Check, with its project-specific design feature, is flexible, has a strong software infrastructure, is practical and fast, and is a reliable inspection program carried out by the experienced team of USB Certification.

Brand audits play a critical role in improving the current position of businesses in the market and raising the brand standard. With the data obtained as a result of the audits, the problems within the business are reported and the main lines of the actions to be taken to improve the brand performance are revealed.

Today, contrary to the increase in the amount of consumption, the decrease in the suitable areas for reliable food production increased the importance of hygiene and food safety. It is inevitable to check the compliance of enterprises with food safety rules and legal requirements. Ensuring permanent hygienic conditions in areas such as production, procurement, kitchen, personnel, service which are inspected periodically and effectively for all critical control points from production to table by qualified and professional auditors has a great importance in terms of customer satisfaction and health.

Compliance with hygiene standards in production and service sectors is made sustainable by hygiene and supplier audits. In these audits, physical, chemical or biological factors are prevented, and an effective control system is established within enterprise by using company-specific checklists. Personnel are aware of hygiene. As a result of the production of safe and quality products, customer confidence and satisfaction are increased.

One of the key points for the success of enterprises is their suppliers. Providing timely and the same quality products from suppliers and ensuring their consistency with the specified quality management system can only be achieved through supplier audits.

With achieving of quality standards by second party audits and providing of sustainability, brand image is strengthened, and competitive advantage is provided to enterprises.

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