ASR (American System Registrar), established in 1997, is a certification body serving with experienced auditors, successful quality professionals and technical experts. It is a certification company that offers privileged certification services without compromising its moral, professional and customer-oriented service approach. This philosophy ensures that customers continue to improve their activities and relationships with the community and their employees. “ASR-Turkey” adopts the most powerful principle of providing and sustaining honesty in certification activities. Certification values for ASR; To increase profitability, to meet the demands of customers, to make the customer strong in competition, to create a tool that will ensure the continuous development of the customer, to develop a disciplined management system and to make the review of the management system continuous.

ASR is an organization that has ISO 17021 accreditation from ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and is an organization that provides services in accordance with the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) rules, ANAB rules, and relevant ISO standards to which ANAB is affiliated.

USB Certification, American System Registrar LLC. (ASR), on behalf of ASR, it provides ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 10002 and ISO 13485 audit services in Turkey with ASR approved auditors.

USB Certification; as ASR Turkey, it manages regional services in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Poland, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Austria.

ASR; apart from the United States, it also provides regional services with ASR Middle East, ASR Taiwan, ASR Asia, ASR South Korea and ASR Japan representations.


FULL OBJECTIVENESS: Our audits are carried out according to the compliance of real-life information with standards. These audits are not based solely on theoretical knowledge or preconceived notions. Our aim is to provide you with a better service and maximum benefit by presenting you with objective evidence that your processes and system comply with the standards, rather than an oppositional attitude.

RESPECT YOUR EFFORT: We are aware that the certification process can be realized with your great efforts and we never forget that you set out with the main goal of presenting your products/services to your customers in the best way possible. In our opinion, this is a goal that should be highly respected. It is because of this respect that you will find our auditors evaluating the suitability of the system for this goal between you and your employees, instead of drowning in papers in the meeting room during the audit.

EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN MANY SECTORS: Our auditors; They have over 15 years of extensive experience covering healthcare, service, automotive, nuclear power, aerospace, laboratory, administrative services, education and many other industries. In this way, you will be able to experience the privilege of the evaluation of the auditors who are experienced in your sector. And remember, as a client of ASR, you have the freedom to choose your auditors.

OPEN COMMUNICATION: We will work closely with you to ensure that you fully understand every aspect of the audit, such as scheduling, review, reporting and follow-up. Before the audit, we will eliminate any misunderstandings by notifying you in advance of any documentation that may be requested during the pre-audit.

NET PRICES: You will never encounter any unexplained or extra costs and surprises in the prices of ASR. It is always our goal to minimize any costs by choosing the auditors closest to you.

24 HOURS UNINTERRUPTED CONNECTION AVAILABILITY: Our auditors are always available electronically to best respond to the demands of our customers. You will be responded to as soon as possible regarding the bids submitted.

ACTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The ASR Board of Directors consists of people who know the customer base very well and have extensive experience and knowledge. This board constantly monitors the reliability of ASR in certification activities. Each member consists of people who have actually taken part in certification activities. The Board consists of active people who constantly follow the expectations of ASR customers, examine customer reviews and can directly contact customers when necessary. This is truly a unique feature for a certification board.