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Better Cotton Annual Conference 2024 : Accelarating Impact

The Better Cotton Annual Conference 2024, headlined by USB Certification, brought together industry leaders, farmers, and experts for two days of insightful discussions and inspiring stories.

Aarti Kapoor from Embode opened with a keynote on individual impact across supply chains. Better Cotton Farmer Nazia Parveen shared her journey of overcoming barriers in Pakistan, exemplifying the resilience of farmers.

A panel featuring Lewis Perkins (Apparel Impact Institute), Gray Maguire (Anthesis), and Laila Petrie (2050) debated the pros and cons of carbon markets, focusing on their effects on farmers. Vidhura Ralapanawe of Epic Group called for transformative changes in the cotton industry, highlighting the need for both climate mitigation and adaptation.

Nesrin Serin from USB Certification, highlighted the role of conformity assessment, emphasizing the importance of integrity and adherence to program rules.

Jacky Broomhead from Better Cotton led a discussion on making cotton traceability achievable, stressing the importance of simplicity and data optimization to ease the burden on farmers.

The conference also spotlighted the First Mill Traceability pilot in Pakistan, with insights from Muhammad Fateh, Javed Hussain, Zeeshan Ali, and Winesh Kumar.

It was a pleasure to support and attend the event, listening to all the enlightening speeches and discussions, and meeting all the wonderful people.

See you next year !


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