BRCGS was established in 1996 under the name of BRC by retailers who wanted to be compatible food safety standards throughout the supply chain. Today, it continues its services as an organization that carries out a globally recognized third-party certification program in both the food and non-food categories.

BRC was part of LGC ASSURE in 2016 and was renamed BRCGS (Brand Reputation Through Compliance Global Standards) in 2019.

The first published standard on food safety was published under the name of BRC-Global Standard-Food in October 1998, after a two-year study.

BRCGS Standards:

  • BRCGS Food Safety
  • BRCGS Packaging
  • BRCGS Storage and Distribution
  • BRCGS Consumer Products
  • BRCGS Agents and Brokers
  • BRCGS Retail
  • BRCGS Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing
  • BRCGS Gluten – Free
  • BRCGS Plant Based
  • BRCGS Start!

BRCGS Consumer Products Standard covers 2 product categories:

  • Global Standard for Consumer Products- General Merchandise
  • Global Standard for Consumer Products- Personal Care and Household

The Main Purposes of BRCGS Standards:

  • To create an inclusive framework for the processes managed in the company based on internationally accepted standards,
  • To ensure standardization in the company,
  • To help the development of the company,
  • Increasing staff awareness,
  • Compliance with supplier demands,
  • Reduction in the number of supplier audits,
  • Improvement in product safety and quality,
  • Taking part in the competitive market,

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