BRCGS Start!

BRCGS Start!

BRCGS Start!

It is an initial food safety standard prepared for business that are not ready yet to implement the BRCGS Food Standard. It is a good start for understanding and applying for food safety. BRCGS Start! consists 8 mean sections. It is based on food manufacturers and food raw material producers in scope.

Two levels are available in the standard:

  • Basic Level
  • Intermediate Level

The standard sections are divided into two columns. The first column shows the basic level requirements, the second column shows the intermediate level requirements.

It is compatible with the GSFI Global Markets Program and provides competitive advantage in the commercial market as certified companies will be visible in the BRCGS Directory.

Also, the supplier audits can be conducted via using of BRCGS Start! and support the development of your suppliers

Certification Process

  • Receiving the application and providing an offer
  • Signing a contract
  • Audit planning
  • Carry out the audit
  • Completion of the audit process
  • Preparation of the audit report and if the result is positive submit to BRCGS.