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Earthsight: Better Cotton Action Plan Revision

In April 2024, the environmental non-profit Earthsight released a report highlighting issues in Brazil’s Matopiba region’s cotton industry. In response, Better Cotton commissioned an independent consultant to investigate selected farms. The findings showed no breaches of the Better Cotton Standard.

Recently, Earthsight announced a forthcoming “second output.” While the specifics are undisclosed, Earthsight contacted Better Cotton on June 6, 2024. Better Cotton has invited Earthsight for further engagement.

Better Cotton revised Action Plan regarding the “second output”.

Key Points from Better Cotton’s Action Plan:

  1. Due Diligence at Agribusiness/Large Commercial Farm Level:
    • Internal and external consultations are ongoing to define characteristics of large commercial farms.
    • New due diligence processes will be implemented in Brazil from August to December 2024.
  1. Collaboration with Cross-Commodity Partners:
    • Engaging with stakeholders to address land rights and other complexities.
    • A multi-year joint action plan will be outlined by September 2024.
  1. Engagement with Cotton Farming Communities:
    • Ongoing efforts to engage local communities in the Matopiba region.
    • Interviews with community members to be completed by August 2024.
  1. Realignment with ABRAPA (Brezilya Pamuk Üreticileri Birliği) Standards:
    • Aligning standards with ABRAPA and other partners to ensure relevance and credibility.
    • Finalizing this realignment by November 2024.

For transparency, Better Cotton’s latest document includes details on their action plan, clarifications, and follow-up explanations to their previous statement.

You can reach the full plan reach here: Earthsight : BetterCotton Action Plan Update


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