Good Agricultural Practice

USB, T.C. By the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock on 20.05.2010; It is an institution approved in the field of Good Agricultural Practices – Vegetable Production (Fresh Fruit – Vegetable) within the scope of the Regulation on Good Agricultural Practices dated 08.09.2004 and numbered 25577. USB is also a certification body accredited by TÜRKAK according to the “General Conditions Standard for Certification Bodies Carrying Out TS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Product Certification”. Good Agricultural Practices (ITU); It is defined as the processes that must be applied to make the agricultural production system socially viable, economically profitable and efficient, protecting human health, giving importance to animal health and welfare and the environment. With ITU, the income and competitiveness of the producers increase and the health of the consumers is protected.

A manufacturer / company that has received ITU certificate
Harmful to human health; free of chemical, physical and microbiological residues,
Without polluting the environment and harming the natural balance,
During production, without adversely affecting the workers in the production and the living creatures in the environment,
It certifies that it produces in accordance with agricultural regulations.

Benefits to Manufacturers
Easy and effective participation in the market
Opportunity to work with retailers
Increase in quality and quantity
Reducing production costs in the long run
Making good use of resources
improve working conditions
Reducing post-harvest losses
Benefits to the Consumer
Illuminating information on food source
Reduced risk to health and food safety
Traceability to the source
Confidence in food production

Benefits to the Retailer
It ensures clear agreements with manufacturers.
It responds to healthy expectations about food safety and quality.
Risks related to customer health and safety are minimized.
Consumer’s confidence in the product increases and demand increases.
Compliance with many existing EU laws is ensured.

ITU Certificate; It is given to the product/products that the producer/producer groups apply for certification, which makes agricultural production and applies for this certificate and is determined to produce in accordance with the ITU Regulation and ITU Standard as a result of the inspections.
In addition, ITU Applications increases the opportunity of the producer to benefit from government incentives and aids every year within the scope of the Communiqué on Support Payment.


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