ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

The ISO 22000 Standard is specifically designed to be implemented by organizations that want more focus, consistency and an integrated food safety management system than is usually required by law. In organizations that implement the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System;

  • Meeting the legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Facilitating the food safety management of the owners of food and food-related product-service producing establishments,
  • Implementation of an effective internal control system,
  • Meeting the demands of customers,
  • The customer’s trust and satisfaction with the organization,
  • The organization that implements the standard gains value and reputation in the market,
  • Reducing the risk of producing faulty products,
  • Reducing wastage (deterioration in food products, etc.) and product losses by reducing costs,
  • Minimizing the problems that may be encountered in legal audits and customer audits,
  • Raising awareness of the organization and its employees about hygiene and food safety,
  • improving the working environment,
  • Having an international food safety management system,
  • Ease of trade to participate in some tenders and export,
  • Compliance with legal regulations is intended to be provided.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Standard audits are carried out in two stages in accordance with the certification process of our national and international representatives. The first stage focuses on audit planning and assesses whether the organization is ready for the audit. In the second stage, how the Food Safety Management System is established and implemented is audited.

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