Our accreditation process has been completed in the Rainforest Alliance 2020 certification program; As USB Certification, we are authorized by the Rainforest Alliance for farm and supply chain scopes.

The Rainforest Alliance administers and is responsible for a global Assurance System for Certification Bodies. As Rainforest Alliance certification expands globally, the goal is; is to promote a highly reliable and rigorous system. The audit and certification services provided within the scope of the Assurance System maintain and fulfill its commitment to high quality, integrity, consistency and transparency, which is reflected in a general sense of purpose as well as the determination to continuously improve systems, documents and processes.

Just as the Sustainable Agriculture Standard is designed to encourage continuous improvement among producers and supply chain actors, the Rainforest Alliance, which adopts a continuous improvement approach to the 2020 Certification Program, is determined to continuously improve its own work.

In line with the Rainforest Alliance’s long-term vision to “reimagining certification,” the 2020 Certification Program Assurance System introduces multiple innovations that make certification more context-specific, data-driven and risk-based.

As USB Certification, our Rainforest Alliance standard product scopes are; cocoa, hazelnuts, bananas, grapes and tea.


Our Geographic Scope Authorizations for Supply Chain;







North Macedonia




Our Geographic Scope Authorizations for Farm;






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According to your certification option in the Rainforest Alliance 2020 Certification Program, you can fill out the relevant forms below and send them to us via info@usbcertification.com:

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