Synthetic Polymer Microparticles are on the REACH restriction list.

Synthetic Polymer Microparticles are on the REACH restriction list.Here are some important changes related to textile sector:

Implementation of the Ban on Synthetic Polymer Micro-particles: The amendment prohibits the marketing of synthetic polymer micro-particles with specific size limits. This ban aims to reduce the release of synthetic polymer micro-particles used in textile products into the environment. It is understood that this ban applies particularly to micro-particles used in textiles, especially synthetic fabrics.
Size Limits of the Ban: The amendment defines specific size limits for synthetic polymer micro-particles. Specifically, it appears that this ban may affect textile products containing micro-particles with certain sizes (e.g., 0.1 μm or larger).
Document and Analytical Adequacy: The amendment addresses situations where analytical methods or accompanying documents cannot be used to determine the concentration of synthetic polymer micro-particles. This includes cases where it is not possible to confirm that textile products contain micro-particles of specific sizes, and therefore, the compliance with the concentration limit of the ban cannot be verified.
These changes aim to regulate the use of micro-particles in the textile sector and reduce their release into the environment. This is a step taken to combat microplastic pollution and protect the environment by closely controlling the use and release of micro-particles in the textile industry.

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