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EU Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products to Take Effect

The European Union’s Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products (EUDR) is set to come into force on December 30, 2024. This landmark regulation aims to combat global deforestation by requiring detailed declarations for certain products entering the European market.

Key Points:

  • Mandatory Declarations: Products such as soy, beef, palm oil, wood, cocoa, rubber, coffee, and derived products (e.g., chocolate, furniture, tires, leather) must have declarations confirming they do not contribute to deforestation. This measure targets major commodities linked to deforestation and forest degradation.
  • Detailed Information Required: Declarations must include comprehensive details about the exported goods, such as the product type, producer, and precise coordinates of the production site. This information is crucial for tracing the supply chain and ensuring transparency.
  • Role of Operators and Traders: While producers and suppliers cannot directly enter information into the system, operators or traders responsible for the declarations must gather and provide all necessary details and documentation. This responsibility ensures that the accountability for compliance lies with those placing the products on the EU market.
  • Risk Assessment: Countries will be assessed based on their deforestation levels and categorized according to risk. This categorization will determine the frequency and intensity of inspections. High-risk countries will face more stringent checks to ensure compliance with the EUDR.
  • Upcoming Guidelines: The European Commission will soon publish detailed guidelines outlining the types of documents required during the deforestation risk analysis, the methodology for conducting risk assessments, and how to access data on product-specific deforestation. These guidelines will provide clarity and support to stakeholders in meeting the new requirements.

The EUDR represents a significant step in the EU’s efforts to address deforestation and promote sustainable supply chains. By implementing these measures, the EU aims to reduce its environmental footprint and encourage global practices that protect and restore forests.


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