ISO 18295 Customer Contact Centers Standard

The success and development of any organization depends on understanding the expectations and perceptions of its customers.

Call centers establish communication between businesses and their customers and strengthen relations between organizations and their customers with call center support. Thus, customers become happier, more loyal, more likely to buy products/services and are willing to cooperate with the company.

In this area, “TS EN 15838 Customer Relations Centers – Rules for Service Delivery Standard”, previously published by the European Standardization Committee (CEN) for call centers, has been repealed and replaced by “ISO 18295-1” published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). It has been left to “ISO 18295-2” Standards and the criteria for the services of the Customer Contact Centers have been linked to international standards.

ISO 18295-1 and ISO 18295-2 standards published by ISO, unlike the repealed TS EN 15838 Standard; The rules that must be followed by customer contact centers and institutions and organizations receiving service from customer contact centers have been published as two separate standards, more clearly.

The ISO 18295-1 Standard describes “Requirements for Customer Contact Centers”, and the ISO 18295-2 Standard describes “Requirements for Customers Using Customer Contact Centers”.

ISO 18295 Customer Contact Center Standards in organizations;

  • Improving customer communication control and quality,
  • Minimizing the risks of customer complaints,
  • Satisfaction of call center’s customers,
  • Manage call center risks and risks arising from call centers,
  • Continuous improvement of your service and performance,
  • Trusting your customers, stakeholders and all relevant parties,
  • Triggering personal development and measuring the effectiveness of the trainings received,
  • Strengthening the corporate image with efficiency-enhancing benefits,
  • It is aimed to provide national and international competitive advantage.

ISO 18295-1 Requirements for Customer Contact Centers” and “ISO 18295-2 Requirements for Customers Using Customer Contact Centers” Standards audits are carried out in two stages in accordance with the certification process of our national and international representatives. The first stage focuses on audit planning and assesses whether the organization is ready for the audit. In the second stage, the audit of how the relevant standard to be audited is applied is carried out.

As USB Certification; we carry out the trainings and audits of the “ISO 18295-1 Requirements for Customer Contact Centers” and “Requirements for Customers Using ISO 18295-2 Customer Contact Centers” Standards with our expert trainers and auditors.

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