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Notified Body – CE (NB 3038)

USB Certification is TÜRKAK accredited under EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 standard and is a Notified Body in the European Union NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) list with the number “NB 3038”.

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USB Certification: CE Certification for Personal Protective Equipment

As USB Certification, we provide CE certification services in full compliance with European Union regulations and local laws. Within the scope of this service, we carry out certification of Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with EU 2016/425 regulation and laboratory analysis services.

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Why Choose USB Certification?

Full compliance with European Union regulations and local laws.

Fast and reliable testing processes with our integrated laboratory.

Professional support with our team of experts.

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are equipment used to protect workers from hazards they may encounter in the workplace. These equipments are designed to protect the user’s health and safety. At USB Certification, we also offer CE certification for gloves, shoes, and motorcycle clothing.

How is CE Certification for Personal Protective Equipment Done?

The CE Certification process for Personal Protective Equipment includes:

Preliminary Assessment: We check if your product complies with the EU 2016/425 regulation.

Testing Procedures: We subject your product to the necessary tests in our integrated laboratory.

Documentation Review: We check if all technical documentation related to your product is complete and accurate.

Certificate Issuance: CE certificates are issued for products that successfully pass all tests and reviews.

Certification and Application Process

For detailed information about our certification and application processes, you can review the following documents:

  • Approved Body Conformity Assessment Procedure
  • Approved Body Application Form
  • Certification Workflow
  • Quality Policy
These documents will guide you through every step of your application process.

Our Integrated Laboratory

At USB Certification, we conduct all tests used in the certification process in our own integrated laboratory. This ensures that the testing processes are carried out quickly, reliably, and completely impartially

Contact us

For more information about CE certification or to start your application process, please contact us.


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