USB Certification carries out activities in the field of 2nd Party audits under the agency agreement with NSF.

NSF International; Accredited by the British Accreditation Agency UKAS according to the ISO / IEC 17065 Standard, it is a worldwide leading organization that provides independent auditing and certification services in the agriculture, production and processing industry. NSF International is an organization specialized in performing single or multi-site inspections to a wide range of national, international and client-specific standards. These audited standards address supply chain and quality assurance, product safety demands, legal compliance and quality, as well as comprehensive integrity, fairness, ethics and environmental issues.

All NSF auditors are experienced in the food industry and have previously worked with many leading retailers and manufacturers in the industry. They are monitored by the NSF Quality department, which has undergone rigorous technical and industrial training and is individually approved. This approach ensures that all auditors around the world interpret the standard accurately and consistently.

They consistently and innovatively address a wide range of issues in the food supply chain from a unique perspective. NSF; After certification, it presents a high quality report that includes detailed process stages and adds value to the company. NSF’s executive team has deep industry knowledge and experience, often adding value to their clients by providing technical input – support and identifying emerging issues/trends.