USB Certification carries out conformity assessment activities under the authority of the Rainforest Alliance (by passing the ASI first accreditation audit).

Rainforest Alliance and UTZ in January 2018; joined forces to form a response to the deforestation, climate change, structural poverty and social injustice facing humanity. In this way, we will be in a position to achieve greater impact and at the scale necessary to respond more effectively to these challenges.

Rainforest Alliance’s mission is; is to build a future where nature is protected and biodiversity thrives, producers, workers and communities are enriched, and where sustainable farm use and responsible business practices become the standard.

Farms, farm groups, and supply chain organizations that meet all applicable requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard and comply with the transaction requirements of the Rainforest Alliance Assurance Rules may sell, ship, and/or purchase their products as Rainforest Alliance Certified.


To expand the scope of the Rainforest Alliance Certification Program and protect the integrity, quality, competitiveness and reliability of the system, the Rainforest Alliance; works with independent certification bodies around the world. Authorized certification bodies certify farms, producer groups and supply chain organizations according to the Rainforest Alliance 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standard.

With the Rainforest Alliance label;

• Improved livelihoods of producers, farm workers and their families and communities.
• Deforestation is prevented, reforestation is encouraged, biodiversity is preserved and the consequences of climate change are mitigated.
• Efficiency is increased and costs are reduced, often resulting in higher profits.
• Climate resistance is created with smart farming methods in terms of climate.
• The rights of workers and children are protected.
• The rights of communities are respected.
• Forests and other ecosystems are protected and developed.