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Revolutionizing Chemical Supply Chains with Digital Product Passports

Tracking and tracing data accurately throughout the supply chain can help manufacturers and consumers understand the sustainability of products and processes.

The chemical process industries (CPI) are under increasing global pressure to operate sustainably at every level of the supply chain, from upstream petrochemical producers to downstream industrial and domestic chemical manufacturers. Customers, regulators, employees, communities near production facilities, and investors all demand that manufacturing companies speed up their journey to net-zero carbon emissions and adopt more sustainable models. Importantly, these stakeholders require this transition to be supported by verifiable and reliable data.

This is a significant challenge of our time, exacerbated by the climate emergency. The CPI must invest in shifting to more sustainable methods of producing essential chemicals. However, this alone will not suffice. In a global business environment where “greenwashing” is prevalent, manufacturing companies need tangible proof points to demonstrate their shift towards sustainability. Companies must find ways to collect, verify, and share reliable and immutable data. They also need to develop new and improved methods for recordkeeping and accountability. This new recordkeeping system must be scalable to apply at industrial levels, not just in pilot programs.

Source: HADEA Digital Product Passport


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