Global Organic Textile Standard (SCOPE 4)

Global Organic Textile Standard (SCOPE 4)

Due to the increasing environmental and health problems and the deterioration fo the ecological balance, the public’s awareness of certificied organic products and the demand for these products have gradually increased. 

In addition, with the increase in production and consumption in parallel with the World population, natural resources have started to be consumed to rapidly and this has led to an increase in awareness and demand for recycled products.

For these reasons, the certification of textile products produced from organic and recycled products continues to gain importance. Textile products certified according to the standards specified below ensure and environmentally and environmentally friendly production.

Chemical inputs used for wet processing of GOTS Goods and Accessories used for functional and/or fashionable purposes are collectively referred to as GOTS additives. Both categories have different technical requirements according to their production and use.

Colorants and/or textile auxiliaries used for wet processing of organic textiles, are collectively referred to as Chemical Inputs in GOTS terminology. In a company’s GOTS system, inputs that have been assessed and approved by a GOTS Scope 4 accredited certification body.

USB Certification is a certification body accredited for the assessment and approval of textile auxiliaries and dyes within GOTS Scope 4.

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UOF-TEX-AUXDYE-EN-4160 GOTS Scope4 Logo Approval Form (00)
UOF-TEX-AUXDYE-EN-4000 Application Form For Approval of GOTS Textile Auxiliary Chemicals and Dyeing Substances(11)