Better Cotton

Better Cotton is the world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton, aiming to help cotton communities thrive while protecting the environment. Launched in 2005 by visionary organizations, including WWF, adidas, and IKEA, Better Cotton promotes sustainable cotton production through a farmer-centric approach. It has grown to become the largest cotton sustainability program globally, with over 2,500 members, including farmers, manufacturers, and brand owners. Better Cotton focuses on improving the livelihoods of smallholders, enhancing working conditions, and promoting environmental stewardship. With support from 70 field-level partners, the initiative has reached 2.2 million farmers in 22 countries. Better Cotton’s holistic approach addresses social, environmental, and economic aspects, ensuring better yields, reduced pesticide use, and resilience to climate change. The Better Cotton Standard System underpins these efforts, ensuring sustainable practices and promoting collective action.

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