SFA Chain of Custody

Launched in 2015, the SFA standard is the first comprehensive sustainability standard for cashmere. It ensures full traceability from herders in Mongolia and China to the final product. Developed through extensive stakeholder consultation, it follows ISEAL best practice guidelines.

The SFA Chain of Custody Standard aims to ensure the traceability and sustainability of cashmere products, enabling credible claims about certified cashmere content. Sustainable Fiber Alliance aims to reduce environmental impact, support livelihoods, and uphold high animal welfare with its standards.

 The SFA standard is based on the Content Claim Standard by Textile Exchange.

Angora goat mother with her kid seperate from the herd


Increased value through SFA Chain of Custody

Link to domestic processors, traders, and other Chain of Custody participants and other buyers

Opportunities to negotiate a higher fibre price

To unlock these benefits your producer or herder organisation will need to be certified against the SFA Cashmere Standard. It will also need to be certified against the SFA Chain of Custody Standard, which ensures that your operations know how to securely keep and trade ‘SFA Certified’ fibre in a way that your potential customers will trust and recognise.

If you are seeking to gain certification against this standard contact us.