Halal Certification


USB PAKISTAN LLP is engaged in Halal development and certification of the range of food & non-food products. The aim of this manual is to clarify the requirements to be complied in order to obtain the Halal Certificate and Halal Permits issued by USB PAKISTAN LLP. The certification system used by the USB PAKISTAN LLP the ‘yearly Certification’ which will automatically be renewed subject to passing the annual evaluation/inspection, through Halal compliance in accordance with PS 3733 (Halal Food Management System) OIC/SMIIC 1. Requirements for any organization in the food chain.These manual states the management system and procedures that the certification body used to ensure and maintain quality of Halal certification services in accordance with Islamic requirements as defined in PS 4992:2010/OIC SMIIC-2:2019 by PSQCA for certification of.

1. CODE (C)
(Category Processing (Perishable animals’ product))
2. CODE (E)
(Category Processing 3(Products with long shelf life at ambient temperature))
3. CODE (M)
(Category Packaging material manufacturing)
4. CODE (N)
(Category Others (Foods, both, raw and processed); Cosmetics and Chemicals; Dairy & products; Pharmaceuticals)
5. CODE (G)
(Category Catering)
6. CODE (H)
(Category Distribution)
7. CODE (L)
(Category (Bio) chemical manufacturing)


USB PAKISTAN LLP Certification is committed to provide the highest standards of certification services to the customers by complying with the requirements of PS 4992/OIC SMIIC-2 standard & PNAC guidelines by continually improving the effectiveness of its Halal Certification System. Top management is devoted to providing quality services that consistently satisfy expectations of our customers in the local and international market.As for Halal certification, top management is fully determined to develop a comprehensive framework to ensure strict adherence to the divine principles of Halal certification considering it a responsibility, the company assured to introduce effective certification process by hiring fully trained Halal experts and professionals at its panel to discharge its sacred duties.Top management is committed to provide a high-quality certification service to clients in an impartial manner. To achieve this excellence, the organization is striving to:
Promote and provide internationally recognized certification services to various sectors of industry in order to enhance competitiveness and meet the challenges of globalization.

  • Conform to the importance of impartiality in carrying out certification activities.
  • Manage conflict of interests, minimize or eliminate threats to impartiality and ensure achievement of objectives.
  • Commit to continual improvement.
  • Conduct independent /third party audit based on objective evidence.
  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements of clients.
  • Safeguard confidentiality of client’s information.
  • Continuing review of the policy for suitability.

The top management of USB PAKISTAN LLP is committed to implement planned training and development program for all employees and create an environment which encourages team effort where each individual’s contribution is recognized and valued.

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