IOAS (International Organic Accreditation Service) is a non-profit accreditation body established in 1997 by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). It focuses on ensuring the integrity of ecolabel claims in organic and sustainable agriculture, environmental management, social justice, and fair trade. The organization works internationally to assess the competence of certification bodies, promoting fair environments for producers and building consumer trust in labeled products. Although the ultimate goal is a more sustainable and fair world, IOAS directly serves intermediary organizations providing inspection and certification services to farmers and businesses. Their role involves verifying the correct application of standards and certification requirements, maintaining objectivity, transparency, and freedom from conflicts of interest. The organization’s core values, established in 2012, guide its work in contributing to a better world through better business.

Service Areas

  • Organic Agriculture (EU, NOP, IFOAM, COR)
  • Sustainable Agriculture Network and Rainforest Alliance (UTZ)
  • Organic Textile (GOTS, TE)
  • Organic Cosmetics (Cosmos, Natrue)
  • Food Safety (GlobalG.A.P., CanadaGAP, BRC, IFS, Safe Quality Food, PrimusGFS, Global Aquaculture Alliance)
  • Education
  • Quality Information

Quality Information

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is specifically inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a Compliance Verification Organization in accordance with the Canadian Organic Products Directive 2009. The IOAS is one of several organizations that have been appointed to assess certification bodies under the Canadian Organic Regime.
  • International Accreditation Forum, Inc. (IAF): IOAS is the signatory of IAF MLA under the main scope of ISO / IEC 17065.
  • ISAEL Alliance: IOAS is one of the founding members of the ISEAL Alliance, working with established and emerging sustainability standards in agriculture, fisheries, carbon, water and other sectors to provide and guide programs that strengthen social and environmental impacts.

Detailed information about the IOAS is available at

We have accreditation from the IOAS accreditation institution in the following standards and scope.

IOAS ISO/IEC 17065 Product Certification Accreditation Certificate

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

  • Control and certification of all processes in textile production
  • Approval of chemical and lacquer based on GOTS criteria

IOAS GOTS Accreditation Certificate

Textile Exchange

  • OCS (Organic Content Standard)
  • RCS (TE Recycled Claim Standard)
  • GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

IOAS Textile Exchange Accreditation Certificate

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