The BeVeg vegan global brand is the world’s first and only ISO 17065 accredited vegan certification standard.  BeVeg Vegan, within international vegan standards; It is the only vegan standard with international accreditation for providing GFSI procedures with trained auditors who systematically examine the supply chain, raw materials, production facility, all kinds of cross-contamination that may occur from inside and outside, packaging, training of employees at all levels within the facility, and provide training, risk analysis, root analysis.

The BeVeg vegan certification program is the gold standard for global vegan certification with worldwide trademark protection and representation on six continents.

This technical standard has been prepared by lawyers and industry experts and is managed by a law firm. The lawyers are naturally regulators, and the BeVeg compliance consultant brings reliability, honesty and accountability to vegan claims through international accreditation and in accordance with ISO 17065 and ISO 17067.

The standard is internationally recognized and subject to ISO 17065 and ISO 17067 comparative evaluation. Provides a report and certificate that can be accepted by customers instead of their own audits; thus reducing time, cost, legal liability and possible expensive recalls.

Types of Certifications

BeVeg has 2 global trademarks. It certifies vegan foods, beverages, alcohol, vitamins, food supplements, makeup products, textiles, furniture, household cleaning supplies, artwork and all other products that may compromise vegan integrity.

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