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The purpose of Food Safety Standards is to establish HACCP and food safety management systems, to ensure international recognition and standardization. Being certified according to Food Safety Standards has been the basic requirement of many leading food retailers. BRCGS and IFS Standards are important and globally accepted standards in this way. These standards have become a commercial “ticket” as they are a prerequisite for becoming the supplier of many companies and generally include the desired food safety conditions.

As USB Certification, we offer our certification services for food safety systems, production and processing in the food and agriculture sectors with our expert auditor team and corporate experience.

USB Certification is the FIRST TURKIYE HEADQUARTERED COMPANY in the world to provide certification services within the scope of BRCGS Food and IFS Food Program. We carry out all our activities as an accredited certification body from the German Accreditation Agency DAkkS.

* USB Certification provides certification services in the field of ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 on behalf of QMSCERT through our local expert team of auditors.

ANNOUNCEMENT: BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 Published!

The Issue 9 of the Global Standard for Food Safety was published by BRCGS on August 1, 2022. All certificates issued from the previous version, Issue 8, will remain valid until the deadline specified on the certificate. However, the audits of new version will be mandatory as of February 1, 2023.

What Has Changed in Issue 9?

  • Food Safety Culture: The concept of “Food Safety Culture” has developed and gained a new understanding and importance since the first day it was included in the standard. In this context, Article 1.1.2 has been substantially revised.
  • HACCP/Food Safety Plan: With the renewal of the Codex Alimentarius “Basic Principles of Food Hygiene” document, the wording of the HACCP concept in the second part of the BRCGS standard has been updated.
  • Outsourced Processes: As a result of the analyses made, it was determined that too many questions were received about the definition of outsourced processes. Therefore, the definition of this concept and some of its requirements have been updated in the BRCGS standard.
  • Equipment: According to the results of the evaluation published by the GFSI, new requirements regarding the hygienic design of food structures and equipment have been announced. These requirements have been thoroughly reviewed by the BRCGS and have been substantially overhauled in BRCGS standard Article 4.6.
  • Animal Primary Conversion (Meat, Poultry and Fish Slaughter Facility/Ship): Additional requirements that these facilities must comply with were announced by the BRCGS as a “Position Statement” in May 2021; however, with Issue 9, this notice is included in the content of the standard.
  • Additional Modules: With Issue 9, Global G.A.P Chain of Custody, Meat Supply Chain Assurance, Meeting FSMA Requirements for Food have been revised.
  • Colour Codes of Requirements: The items in the standard that need to be audit remotely and/or onsite have been reviewed for Blended (Hybrid) inspections and necessary changes have been made.
  • Mandatory Unannounced Audits: An unannounced audit protocol published by GFSI in 2020 and made mandatory in 2021 has been included in the new issue with all its details.
  • You can access the 9th issue of the Food Safety Standard for Free on the BRCGS Website:

If you have any question, please do not to hesitate to contact us. It is a pleasure to help you as USB Certification.
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